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Responses to the Baseless Claims Regarding Adnan Oktar
on the Wikipedia Web Site


1. Statements Regarding the Closure Rulings against Various Web Sites in Turkey and Overseas
2. Statements Regarding the Decision to Ban Richard Dawkins' Web Site and Dawkins' Claims about the Atlas of Creation
3. The Groundless Nature of the Allegations of a "Supposed Criminal Enterprise" Made against Adnan Oktar

4. The Baseless Nature of the Sexual Allegations Made against Adnan Oktar and His Friends
5. Statements Regarding the Groundless Nature of the Claim That Some Families Were Threatened and Forced to Retract Their Complaints
6. The 19-Month Period of Imprisonment and Detention in a Mental Hospital Is the Result of the First Smear Campaign Intended to Halt Mr. Adnan Oktar's Activities
7. The Cocaine Plot is the Second Major Smear Campaign against Mr. Adnan Oktar
8. The Claim That Turkish Academics Were Threatened and Libeled Is Entirely Fictitious
9. The Sinister Plans of the Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Aimed at Mr. Adnan Oktar Are Very Striking
10. Mr. Adnan Oktar's Opinions Regarding the Violence of the Holocaust and Statements Concerning the Claims about the Book The Holocaust Lie
11. The Groundless Nature of the Claims on Wikipedia Regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar's Views Concerning Zionism and the Jews:
12. Responses to the Claims Regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar's Offer to Give 10 Trillion Turkish Lira to Anyone Producing a Single Transitional Fossil
13. The True Facts Regarding Statements Intended to Raise Suspicions about BAV Members' Sources of Income
14. For further information about Mr. Adnan Oktar's life please visit "Who is Adnan Oktar" >>> http://www.harunyahya.com/bilgi/adnan-oktar-kimdir

1.1  Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Photographs
1.2  Mr. Adnan Oktar Tells How He Spend His Day
1.3  The Lineage of Sayyid Mr. Adnan Oktar to Prophet David (pbuh)

2.1 The Mimar Sinan Years in Adnan  Oktar’s own words


4.1 The messages sent by people who came to have faith in God by means of the works of Mr. Adnan Oktar

5.1  In order to see the conditions of the mental asylum where Mr. Oktar stayed, please refer to:
5.2  Mr. Adnan Oktar Relates His Days in the Mental Asylum
5.3  Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Clean Bill of Health issued by the Gulhane Military Hospital

6.1  The psychological war methods employed in the cocaine conspiracy hatched against Mr. Adnan Oktar.



9.1  It is Mr. Adnan Oktar who ideologically defeated Darwinism



12.1   What Mr. Adnan Oktar said, what happened
12.2   Repercussions from the World
12.3   Mr. Adnan Oktar's efforts for peace and brotherhood between different faiths
12.4   News from the world press: "Adnan Oktar has won his struggle against the theory of evolution"




Adnan Oktar

Various pieces of information about Adnan Oktar are provided, under the headings Adnan Oktar and Harun Yahya, on the Wikipedia web site, which appears in English and various other foreign languages. Some of the information about Mr. Oktar's past and activities is accurate, but there are also some totally false claims and imputations. These claims have been added to the site for biased parties to misdirect readers or as a reiteration of unfounded allegations reflected in the press as a smear campaign. So much so that untrue reports that have been exposed as false by court rulings are cited as references, untrue reports that appeared in the press on the basis of no evidence whatsoever are cited as supposed proofs, while court rulings and other facts that expose the baseless nature of these allegations are completely ignored. (You can read the acquittal rulings and decisions not to proceed taken in the BAV Case here.)

Since our numerous corrections sent to the Wikipedia pages have been ignored and court rulings have countless times disproved these groundless claims with their legal contents it is now essential that we issue statements on the subject setting out the true facts. The false nature of the claims made against Adnan Oktar on the Wikipedia web site is proved below, and statements clarifying the true state of affairs are set out for readers' consideration.

1. Statements Regarding the Closure Rulings against Various Web Sites in Turkey and Overseas:

Harun Yahya.com

The works of Adnan Oktar are very valuable ones that have been instrumental in millions of people across the world seeing the truth and coming to believe. But since they fundamentally undermine atheist, Darwinist and materialist philosophy, these works have always attracted the attention of specific forces. And since these forces realized they were unable to overcome these works by way of science, knowledge, scholarship or evidence they attempted to silence them through baseless accusations, false allegations and defamation. It is this defeat and failure that lie at the root of the plots, groundless accusations and psychological warfare waged by certain sections of the press against Adnan Oktar for many years now.

These circles have now set about directing the same feeble efforts aimed at Adnan Oktar by way of various reports raised on certain web sites in Turkey and abroad and have resorted to defamatory comments in articles and writings published on those sites. Having realized that they cannot neutralize the works of Adnan Oktar using scientific and scholarly evidence, they have resorted to defamation as the only possible solution.

Some of the works of Harun Yahya

It needs to be specifically made clear that people have a right to freely express their ideas and to enjoy freedom of thought. Nobody has to agree with anyone else's ideas, and has no right to impose his own ideas on others. Everyone has the right to criticize everyone else, within intellectual and moral boundaries. But nobody has the right to "insult" anyone else. It is of the greatest importance for everyone that this right be preserved; but defamation is a criminal offense and character rights are under legal protection. No civilized community recognizes the freedom to defame others.

The sites that were ordered to be banned were those that carried various defamatory statements in articles about Adnan Oktar or in their readers' comments sections. Warnings were issued by way of lawyers to the administrators of the sites in question time and time again, and legal requests were made that the defamatory expressions on the sites be removed, but the site administrators ignored these. In the light of this, legal measures were requisite. The judicial body concerned found the complaints justified and ruled that the sites in question be banned for a specific period because of these writings that breached the human rights. The ruling confirms the necessity for and appropriate nature of these measures.

2. Statements Regarding the Decision to Ban Richard Dawkins' Web Site and Dawkins' Claims about the Atlas of Creation:

Richard Dawkins

Judicial authorities' decision to ban Richard Dawkins' site (to ban access to the website from Turkey) is not related to the personal claims Dawkins expressed in his site. It is evident that Dawkins expressed these claims in a spirit of panic, out of the pitiful situation resulting from the collapse of Darwinism. The official verdict taken by the Court to ban Richard Dawkins' site is due to the libelous comments made against the author. Mr. Adnan Oktar's attorneys warned the administrators of the site about these comments, but because these warnings were not taken into consideration and the necessary precautions were not taken, there existed no way other than litigating. In the face of libelous words, Turkish courts found the demand justified and banned access to the site. Consequently the verdict of the ban of Dawkins' site is an official one given by the judges in the face of explicit evidence. Surely nobody has the right to insult any other person by any means. The verdict in question is an extremely important and necessary decision that protects the rights of all people and is taken for this purpose.

Dawkins' article about Adnan Oktar and the author's valuable Atlas of Creation was not written because of this closure ruling, as claimed on Wikipedia. The piece stemmed from Dawkins' concern over the Atlas of Creation, which rocked the world and caused huge masses of people to abandon belief in Darwinism. The claims made by Dawkins in the piece are not a scientific response, but merely childish and ludicrous claims that merely discredit himself. In particular, it is evident that he expressed his claims regarding the caddisfly in a spirit of terrible panic, out of the pitiful situation resulting from the collapse of Darwinism. Dawkins highlighted the photograph of caddisfly in Mr. Adnan Oktar's opus, Atlas of Creation as a great discovery.  However this is the photograph of a model particularly put in the book. Whether the photograph is of a model or not does not change the fact that this living being is still alive in our day. Desperate, speechless and bored in the face of the extraordinary evidences of Creation in the Atlas of Creation that invalidate evolution, Dawkins takes every opportunity to express this photograph of a model particularly put in the book as a great discovery. By this attitude Dawkins, in fact, reveals the pathetic situation in which Darwinism finds itself. Caddisfly lives in our time with the same appearance its millions of years old fossil has. That is, it has not undergone any change. That is why Dawkins feels offended.  You can read detailed information here.

3. The Groundless Nature of the Allegations of a "Supposed Criminal Enterprise" Made against Adnan Oktar:

The Wikipedia web site also carried various false statements about the court ruling and guilty verdict issued against Adnan Oktar and a number of members of the BAV (SRF [Science Research Foundation]) circle, but an important fact was totally ignored: The guilty verdict handed down by the court was OVERTURNED by the Supreme Court of Appeals on 28.12.2009 because of the legal errors it contained.

The guilty verdict and 3-year sentence handed down in 2008 to Adnan Oktar and various members of the BAV community was actually appealed to by the prosecutor, on the grounds of totally improper practice and statements taken  and signed at the Security Directorate under duress and in the absence of a lawyer, and which were therefore legally inadmissible. The prosecutor also stated there had been various errors of law and practice committed. He TWICE REQUESTED ACQUITTAL during the court proceedings on the grounds that THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AGAINST THE DEFENDANTS AND OF THE PROCEDURAL ERRORS COMMITTED BY THE COURT. He also APPEALED AGAINST THE SENTENCE following the ruling. We have complete respect for the court, but this state of affairs showed that the ruling should again be considered by the judicial authorities. Indeed, the Supreme Court of Appeals took this up straight away and OVERTURNED the ruling, citing 5 separate legal violations. (You can find detailed information on the subject here, here and here.)

4. The Baseless Nature of the Sexual Allegations Made against Adnan Oktar and His Friends:

The sexual allegations made against Adnan Oktar and the BAV circle have always been an indication of the deep unease that atheist, Darwinist and materialist circles feel in the face of his scholarly activity. Whenever these people suffer an intellectual defeat they resort to allegations of a sexual nature, to which the public are most sensitive. And since it is Adnan Oktar who wages the most powerful intellectual struggle in the world against atheists and Darwinists, these circles have not hesitated to launch repulsive slanders against him.

In order for the claim in question about Adnan Oktar and the BAV circle to be accepted, there would first have to be a plaintiff, aggrieved party or witness. But there exists not a single witness, plaintiff or aggrieved party to confirm this false allegation. Eight years later, however, and as part of a psychological warfare campaign, a fictitious scenario about "little girls" was added to the accusations against the BAV. The fact is that no such claim existed in either the security department statements or the court file. Nor was there any plaintiff making such a claim. Indeed, NONE OF THE LADIES WHO MADE STATEMENTS AT THE SECURITY DEPARTMENT WAS YOUNGER THAN 18. The ladies in questions were forced to sign statements under threat, pressure and duress. These people all then declared, before the court, that they had not been damnified by Adnan Oktar and the members of the BAV in any way.

Moreover, claims regarding hidden cameras and secret records on the Wikipedia web pages have also been legally proved to have nothing to do with reality. In 1999, 45 homes were raided simultaneously at 03:00 am in a move against the BAV. The homes were searched until the morning. But NOT A SINGLE SECRET RECORD or any other violation of the law WAS ENCOUNTERED. The imputation that appeared, illegally, in the press were part of a smear campaign against the BAV community. Some newspapers reported that "hidden cameras" had been seized in the early days of the police operation, but it subsequently transpired that these were lies. The objects described as hidden cameras were ordinary security cameras of the kind found in the gardens of many detached properties or at the doors of workplaces.

Electrical devices found in any home (dimmer switches, spotlight bulb holders, disk players and satellite antennae components) were confiscated from members' homes and displayed to the press as if they were espionage equipment. The fact is however, that the equipment recorded as a "disk wiping device" and displayed as a crime tool was in fact an ordinary "floppy drive" sold together with many laptops at the time. The commercial film tapes, magazines and CDs taken from BAV members' homes were used as psychological warfare propaganda tools and described to the public as blackmail equipment. But these were just documentary and music tapes and CDs of the kind found by the dozens in ordinary citizens' homes.

The court possessed not a single piece of evidence to support the claims in question. The reasoned opinion in favor of acquittal issued twice by the prosecutor was based on the fact that THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THESE or any other accusation, and the prosecutor makes this clear in these opinions. The verdicts of acquittal and dismissal of proceedings given by the Courts and public prosecutors totally disprove this claim.

These claims, which are in the court file BUT ARE UNSUPPORTED BY A SINGLE PIECE OF CONCRETE EVIDENCE, are based on the testimonies signed under duress and torture by all BAV members tried and taken under custody as a result of the plots hatched by the alleged Ergenekon terror organization in 1999. (There are 18 Forensic Medicine reports to the effect that members of the BAV were tortured in detention. Security officials of the time are still on trial for torture, with prosecutors demanding sentences of 216 years for each.) According to the law, police testimonies signed under torture and in the absence of advocates are utterly invalid. However, the penalty imposed on the BAV case was based on these invalid testimonies taken by police.

Ebru Simsek is the Only Person to Slander with Sexual Allegations, but All Her Claims Were Nullified with the Acquittal Rulings Issued by the Courts

Ebru Þimþek

People who set out on the path of Allah, who act for His good pleasure, who attract the opposition of Darwinists, materialists and various atheist masonic forces for that sake and who never hesitate in the face of their pressure and threats are exposed to slanders from these forces that are so influential and powerful in many fields. The slanders about these people who risk all for Allah that will be most damaging in the public eye are without doubt sexual allegations. Indeed, since Mr. Adnan Oktar wages the most effective, courageous and wide-ranging intellectual campaign against Darwinist and materialist circles and various atheist masonic forces he has been subjected to the same false accusations and slanders from those same parties.

This is a huge and blatant defamation because there exists NOT A SINGLE INJURED PARTY, NOT A SINGLE PLAINTIFF AND NOT A SINGLE WITNESS to confirm the sexual allegations against the BAV community. The allegations in question are entirely based on one person, a former model by the name of Ebru Simsek. This person's slanders have been widely published by the Darwinist press, though it never mentions how the fact that Ebru Simsek's allegations against Mr. Oktar and the BAV community are utterly false has been established by a number of court rulings. Likewise, the Wikipedia web site does not carry these facts, merely contenting itself with carrying false allegations against the BAV community. This is one of the most familiar examples of the psychological war being waged by atheist masons, atheists and Darwinists.

Judicial rulings showing that all of Ebru Simsek's claims are slanders:

1. The Chief Prosecutor's Office's considered acquittal opinion showing that Ebru Simsek's allegations in Case No. 2006/26, an extension of the BAV case, were slanders and the VERDICT OF ACQUITTAL No. 2007/7 dated 22.01.2007 by the Istanbul 2nd High Criminal Court.
(You can find the original documentation from here.)

2. The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office's VERDICT OF NON-PROSECUTION of Ebru Simsek's fantastical claims (in 1999) under ruling No. 96/9848 Hz - 99/8409 K. dated 12.08.1999.

3. The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office's VERDICT OF NON-PROSECUTION No. 05/27549 Hz. - 05/12003 K. dated 18.10.2005.

4. The Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office's verdict of non-prosecution No. 02/60013 Hz. - 02/18838 K. dated 31.12.2002 and the Beyoglu 3rd High Criminal Court's VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 03/458 Mut. dated 28.04.2003 regarding the refusal of objection against the former.

5. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office's verdict of non-prosecution No. 02/39606 Hz. - 03/8860 K. dated 30.06.2003 and the Beyoglu 2nd High Criminal Court's VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 03/333 Mut. dated 03.10.2003 regarding the refusal of objection against the former.

6. The Bagcilar Public Prosecutor's Office's verdict of non-prosecution No. 02/21669 Hz. - 03/6120 K. dated 15.10.2003 and the Eyup 2nd High Criminal Court's VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 03/894 D.Is. dated 02.01.2004 regarding the refusal of objection against the former.

7. The Uskudar Chief Public Prosecutor's Office's verdict of non-prosecution No. 04/7693 Hz. - 04/4749 K. dated 01.07.2004 and the Kadikoy 2nd High Criminal Court's VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 04/437 Mut. dated 09.09.2004 regarding the refusal of objection against the former.

8. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office's VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 05/51724 Hz. - 06/2432 K. dated 27.03.2006.

9. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office's VERDICT OF REFUSAL OF OBJECTION No. 05/51725 Hz.

10. Following the known images of Ebru Simsek in the press, an Istanbul University Medical School Department of Forensic Medicine expert carried out an inquiry in which IT WAS ESTABLISHED UNDER REPORT No. 2005/127765 dated 21.10.2005 that Ebru Simsek's claims were merely slanders.

11. Istanbul 2nd High Criminal Court had the home in the allegations of Ebru Simsek and the home in the images examined by an official expert, accompanied by the court judges. This expert report revealed that THE HOME IN THE IMAGES DEFINITELY DID NOT BELONG TO THE BAV MEMBER.

12. Filiz Karatas, who shared a house with Ebru Simsek at the time she began issuing slanders against the BAV members, gave a witness statement to the court in Istanbul 2nd High Criminal Court file No. 04/337 E. on 09.12.2004 and said that the BAV members were uninvolved in the matter and THAT THEY HAD ISSUED THIS IMAGINARY ALLEGATION TOGETHER TO SLANDER THE BAV.

13. Ten separate criminal complaints brought by those slandered by Ebru Simsek were examined by 10 different Public Prosecutors from different offices; these prosecutors concluded, as a result of their investigations, that Ebru Simsek's claims were slanderous.


5. Statements Regarding the Groundless Nature of the Claim That Some Families Were Threatened and Forced to Retract Their Complaints:

The Wikipedia web site contains various untrue pieces of information based on reports taken from various Darwinist and left-wing publications. One of these is the claim that certain families that retracted their complaints stating that they had been forced, in the first place, to issue these complaints about the BAV community did so as a result of pressure and threats from that community.

The families in question were called to the Security Department when members of the BAV community were detained en masse by Adil Serdar Sacan, director of the Organized Crime of the time who is now on trial within the scope of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization case, and forced to sign the documents placed in front of them under the threat of "If you do not complain about Adnan Oktar you will never see your child again." Later on, the people in question renounced their complaints, stating in petitions presented to the Prosecutor's Office that the complaints were groundless. They later repeated this orally in court, in the PERSONAL PRESENCE OF THE JUDGE. In the same statements these people many times stated, both orally and in writing, that no pressure or threats was being employed against them. The renouncements in question have been put on record.

This is a very important point: In order for there to be a claim that the complaints were retracted under pressure, there also has to be a complaint on the subject or a damnification thereof. The fact is that THERE IS NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE, A SINGLE INJURED PARTY OR A SINGLE PLAINTIFF regarding this claim. It is unclear on what basis such a claim appears on the Wikipedia web site.

Another point worthy of consideration regarding the claim that the complainants retracted their complaints under duress and pressure is that Mehmet Agar and Celal Adan were among those people who had first complained and subsequently retracted those complaints. It is very odd that such an imputation be made regarding these people. Mr. Mehmet Agar spent years fighting terror, mafia and criminal organizations, personally leading operations and taking part in shoot-outs. He served as Director General of Security and as Interior Minister of Turkey. Celal Adan spent years as a party administrator and member of Parliament. The idea that the BAV community pressurized and threatened such people is nothing more than suggesting that these people changed their statements out of a fear of a few young university graduates with spotless records. If anyone had any evidence of this, a complaint should have been made to the Prosecutor's Office and proceedings brought. In addition, in such an event, the people in question would also have pressed complaints. It is clear that such a state of affairs is unrealistic. Mr. Mehmet Agar and Mr. Celal Adan retracted their complaints in the presence of the judge. It is therefore a grave mistake for such a claim to appear on the Wikipedia web site as if it were true fact, and the issue needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency.
It also needs to be stated here that the only name put forward in connection with the claims of threats made by members of the BAV community is that of Fatih Altayli. But it has also been established through various court rulings that Fatih Altayli's claims regarding the BAV community are groundless, and all these claims have been expunged.

The Kartal 2nd Court of First Instance that heard the case in the light of Fatih Altayli's complaint concerning the BAV administrators established that the written threats addressed to Altayli had nothing to do with the BAV and issued an ACQUITTAL RULING, No. 1996/381 E. 1998/508 K dated 12.06.1998, regarding the foundation managers. The ruling has also been confirmed by the 4th Chamber of Supreme Court of Appeals.  

Fatih Altayli also sued the BAV managers and members for libel at the Istanbul 6th Court of First Instance.  That court received reports from a 3-member team of experts regarding the writings in question. The team of experts whose opinions were canvassed by the court determined, as a result of their inquiries, that these writings were completely unconnected to the BAV community. In the expert witness report, dated 28.01.2002 and given to the Istanbul 6th Court of First Instance by Prof. Dr. Kemal Yavuz, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ozkan and Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatih Andi, Fatih Altayli's claims were explicitly described as groundless.

In addition to all this, contrary to what is maintained on the State Security Court (DGM) Considered Legal Opinion, Fatih Altayli told the Istanbul No. 1 DGM that members of the BAV community made no threats against him and there was no question of any material gain. In answer to questions on the subject from the president of the Istanbul No. 1 DGM, Fatih Altayli replied THERE WAS NO THREAT OR FINANCIAL INTEREST, AND I WAS SUBJECTED TO NO THREATS." Anyone interested in examining the relevant evidence should visit this address.

The claims in question have been definitively invalidated by judicial rulings. The groundless nature of the claim regarding threats being made by the BAV community has been established by judicial rulings, and all these claims are completely untrue.

6. The 19-Month Period of Imprisonment and Detention in a Mental Hospital Is the Result of the First Smear Campaign Intended to Halt Mr. Adnan Oktar's Activities

In the summer of 1986, Mr. Oktar was arrested, with no rightful legal ground whatsoever, for having stated, "I am a member of the Turkish Nation, and of the community (Ummah) of Abraham," in an interview carried by a newspaper. Again under the influence of the circles mentioned above, deceitful reports, groundless information and slanders about him began appearing in various publications of Darwinist origin.

Mr. Oktar was first arrested and imprisoned. He was confined in a one-man cell for nine months. He was then chained by the foot to a bed in the Forensic Medicine Department for 40 days. He was then transferred to the Bakirkoy Mental Hospital on the grounds of being mentally unhealthy and placed under observation in ward 14A, poorly maintained, filthy, and used to house the most dangerous inmates. Ward 14A, which housed 300 mental patients, was in a stone building left over from the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid and could be entered only by passing through a number of locked iron doors, since killings among patients were viewed as nothing out of the ordinary. During Mr. Oktar's time there, seven murders were committed. In addition, he was forcibly given drugs blurring consciousness. Those who managed to visit him witnessed that he had lost none of his determination and enthusiasm at this time. Postgraduate students, nurses and even doctors were prohibited from seeing him, out of concerns that he would turn them to Islamic moral values. Shortly afterwards, his relatives and friends were also banned from visiting him, and even telephone calls were forbidden. He was threatened with spending the rest of his life in the hospital unless he abandoned his intellectual activities. Intense pressure began to be applied by certain circles in order for him to put an end to his activities against Darwinism and atheistic freemasonry and to abandon his books. Proposals to the effect that if he put an end to them he could immediately be released from hospital and spend the rest of his life in comfort. But he rejected all these offers, refusing to bow to the threats and pressure that only enhanced his determination.

After Mr. Oktar had been detained for 19 months, the Prosecutor's Office determined there was "no offence in the statements uttered." He was declared innocent and released.

The report issued by the Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) confirming Mr.  Oktar's SANITY, however, was never once mentioned by the press exclusively owned by Darwinists. After being depicted as mentally ill for 20 years, a Military Hospital report confirmed that he was completely sane.

(You can read further details from here.)

7. The Cocaine Plot is the Second Major Smear Campaign against Mr. Adnan Oktar

The cocaine plot, which only appears between the lines on the Wikipedia web site, is of considerable importance in terms of being a smear campaign against Mr. Oktar planned beforehand by Darwinist and atheist masonic forces, and it is essential that the true facts on this subject be known in full detail.
In mid-1991, certain circles made uneasy by his cultural activities made Mr. Oktar the target of a conspiracy. At the time, he was preparing a most important manuscript on the history of freemasonry and world-wide atheist masonic organizations. Police, searching the home he shared with his mother in Istanbul's Ortakoy district, discovered a packet of cocaine "in the very first book" they opened-in a library of some 2,000 books!

Mr. Oktar was taken into custody, on false grounds, in Izmir where he was together with a few friends, then transferred to the Istanbul Security Directorate, and after 72 hours, was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution for drug testing. It was announced that Mr. Oktar's blood showed a high level of a cocaine by-product.

However, all the evidence submitted later showed that this was nothing more than slander; and that the cocaine allegedly found in Mr. Oktar's library was part of this conspiracy. Shortly before the arrest, he had felt that secret moves against him were afoot. Leaving his home in Ortakoy he called his mother Mediha Oktar to warn her of a likely plot against him and asked her to clean and search his house with a few other people as witnesses. His mother called her neighbor and janitor, and together they cleaned her son's home from top to bottom, dusting all the books in his library. Although Mr. Oktar did not return after that cleaning, 16 police officers carrying out the search operation found "a packet of cocaine" within 2-3 minutes of entering the house, in the first book they opened out of a total of some 2,000.  The neighbor and janitor later made a sworn statement, saying jointly that "We cleaned Adnan Oktar's library together, and there was no such packet there."

The second phase of the conspiracy-the cocaine by-product in Mr. Oktar's blood-was refuted by scientific and forensic evidence. Mr. Oktar was kept in the Security Headquarters for 72 hours before the analysis was performed. Scientifically, however, it can be calculated how much cocaine a man has taken and how many hours before by measuring the cocaine by-product in his blood. In Mr. Oktar's blood, that level was so high that had he taken that much cocaine 72 hours before, it would have killed him. This showed that the cocaine had entered his body while he was in detention. In other words, it was given Mr. Oktar by being mixed with his food while he was in detention.

This was confirmed by some 30 international forensic medicine institutions, including Scotland Yard. To the file sent to them for examination, all gave a common response: The cocaine had been administered while Mr. Adnan Oktar was in detention by being mixed with his food.

Subsequently, the Turkish Forensic Medicine Institution CONFIRMED that the incident was a conspiracy, THAT THE COCAINE HAD BEEN ADMINISTERED DURING THE DETENTION PERIOD BY BEING MIXED WITH HIS FOOD, and Mr. Oktar was cleared by the court and released.

However, this incident revealed an important point: there are certain forces hostile to Mr. Oktar that intend to employ all kinds of dirty tricks. These forces, who previously sought to intimidate him with mental hospital, prison and oppression, now preferred to plot such a conspiracy against him.
You can see the originals of some of the reports issued by health institutions proving that the cocaine entered Mr. Oktar's body less than 72 hours before, in other words, while he was under detention.

1- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Munich University
2- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Aachen University
3- Turkish Ministry of Justice, Forensic Medicine Institution, 5th Specialist Board
4- Turkish Ministry of Justice, Forensic Medicine Institution
5- Grid Chart by Prof. John Ambre Used As One of the Main Reference Tools in Forensic Medicine Reports
6- Basel Police and Military Department, Forensic Medicine Laboratory
7- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Bonn Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms University
8- French Interior Ministry Police Laboratory
9- Department of Forensic Medicine and Science, University of Glasgow
10- Institute of Forensic Medicine, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University
11- St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital, Institute for Forensic Medicine
12- Prof. Davide Ferrara of Padua University
13- Prof. Dr. H. W. Raudonat - Center for Forensic Medicine
14- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Tübingen University
15- University of Parma, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
16- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Vienna University
You can find more detailed information on the subject here.

8. The Claim That Turkish Academics Were Threatened and Libeled Is Entirely Fictitious

The claim on the Wikipedia web site about members of the BAV community regarding Turkish academics is entirely fictitious. First of all, it is impossible for there to be any question of aiming to intimidate Turkish academics holding Darwinist views from expressing scientific opinions, because there is nothing scientific at all about the theory of evolution. On the contrary, science had inflicted a huge defeat on the theory of evolution. But the whole world has been under the dominion of the Darwinist dictatorship for the last 150 years. It is therefore impossible for Darwinist scientists to suffer any injustice such as being unable to express their ideas. For the last 150 years, Darwinists have attempted to prop up a false ideology, by concealing science from people and showing them false evidence and offering deceptive accounts. For that reason, no matter what means may be placed at the disposal of evolutionist academics in the future, they will still only be able to offer deception, never science. That is because Darwinism is not scientific, but the worst mass deception in the history of the world.

But in the present century, Darwinism has suffered a huge collapse in the face of the matchless works of Mr. Adnan Oktar and most recently of his Atlas of Creation. This means that Darwinism is a false ideology that can be totally and fundamentally demolished through an intellectual struggle. And Mr. Oktar has eliminated Darwinism from the world with a powerful intellectual campaign. He has shown that all of Darwinism's ridiculous claims are invalid. While Darwinists were maintaining that everything came into being by chance, Mr. Oktar proved that not even a single protein can form coincidentally. While Darwinists have for years been saying that there are millions of transitional fossils, Mr. Oktar has shown there exists not even one transitional fossil, and that all the 300 million fossils unearthed to date prove Creation. Darwinism is a theory that is easily demolished with the revelation of the facts and by way of science. The claim about Darwinist academics is therefore totally unfounded. Their ideology has already collapsed by way of the scientific facts.

It will here be useful to recall one very important fact. The person indicated as the source of these claims of threat is Asst. Prof. Umit Sayin, currently a defendant in the investigation into the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Umit Sayin is on trial within the scope of alleged organization Ergenekon case on charges of being a member of the illegal organization and inciting an armed uprising against the government of the Republic of Turkey. He is one of Turkey's leading adherents of Darwinism and is known for articles, activities and comments targeting works by Mr. Oktar that demolish Darwinism and materialism. Among the documents that emerged within the scope of the alleged organization Ergenekon investigation from Umit Sayin's computer was a considerable amount of information for use against Mr. Oktar and the BAV. One of the noteworthy documents in the alleged organization Ergenekon case files is Umit Sayin's freemasonry document and his saying "THE MOST IMPORTANT SIGN OF HIS LOYALTY TO THE MASONIC LODGES IS HIS WORK AGAINST HARUN YAHYA (ADNAN OKTAR) AND THE SCIENCE RESEARCH FOUNDATION (BAV)." (http://www.haber5.com/ haber.php? haberid=327899)

In addition, as set out in press reports, telephone records and computer correspondence in the alleged terror organization Ergenekon case files belonging to Umit Sayin also clearly reveal that Mr. Oktar and the BAV circle were targeted.

9. The Sinister Plans of the Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Aimed at Mr. Adnan Oktar Are Very Striking

The securing of various MSN text messages, telephone conversations and other records in the context of the still ongoing alleged terror organization Ergenekon case has revealed some very significant facts. It has emerged from the records in question that Mr. Oktar and his colleagues are at the top of the list of the groups to be combated. It was then learned that a great many of those mentioned with regard to the investigation into Mr. Oktar and members of the BAV community have either been arrested or are facing charges of membership of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Some of these individuals are:

Adil Serdar Sacan, former Chief of Istanbul Organized Crime Department, who ran the police operation against the BAV community in 1999 and is now on trial, together with his team, on separate charges of torturing members of the BAV community (Forensic Medicine Reports are attached herewith), the defendants all facing prison sentences of 216 years each, has also been detained on charges of links to the alleged organization Ergenekon and has been held on remand in prison for a long time. He is still a defendant on these same charges.

Tuncay Ozkan, a figure who initiated an unbelievable lynch campaign in the press against the BAV community, is also currently in prison over links to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Tuncay Ozkan obtained, by illegal means, documents such as statements not written by the detainees but the detainees were forced to sign while at the Security Department, search warrants and various other legal documents that should all be under legal protection and published them, again illegally.

The documents obtained within the scope of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon investigation about activities targeting the BAV community were by no means limited to these. It emerged from other documents in the case file that Emin Sirin, former independent member of Parliament for Istanbul, currently facing trial on charges of being responsible for lobbying on behalf of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon, was also engaged in intensive activities against the BAV community.

As we have already set out in considerable detail, Umit Sayin, known for his activities against the BAV community and who can be seen to have referred to plans against the BAV community in the documents captured in the context of the investigation into the alleged organization Ergenekon, also spent time in prison on the case and is still a defendant in it.

It was seen from these and other documents captured during the investigation into the alleged organization Ergenekon that there has been a deliberate policy of intimidation against Mr. Oktar for many years now. This state of affairs makes it very likely that there is a connection between the constant plots against Mr. Oktar and this alleged organization.

However, the fact is that true and worthy Muslims who live for His good pleasure will always be under the protection of Almighty Allah. By His leave and with His assistance, the works of Mr. Oktar have today spread right across the world, despite all these plots and policies of intimidation, and people have embarked on a great and powerful intellectual struggle against atheism, Darwinism and materialism. This success will grow still further and, by Allah's leave, people's feelings of faith will grow with every passing day.

10. Mr. Adnan Oktar's Opinions Regarding the Violence of the Holocaust and Statements Concerning the Claims about the Book The Holocaust Lie:

The book The Holocaust Lie was not written by Mr. Oktar. It was written by someone called Nuri Ozbudak and published without Mr. Oktar's permission. A protest was issued by Mr. Oktar in a notarized document and announced to the public. The original document is set out for readers' attention below. Mr. Oktar's book The Holocaust Violence in which his own ideas are set out was published subsequently.

In The Holocaust Violence Mr. Oktar states that the Nazis perpetrated one of the worst genocides in history and committed mass slaughter. He describes how Hitler's followers committed a terrible massacre especially of devout Jews, as well as the scale of this. He states that this was the product of a Darwinist, fascist mindset, and that the most evident implementation of the ruthless and cruel thinking, the essence of Darwinism, came in the Second World War. The Holocaust Violence, which contains Mr. Oktar's true ideas is therefore a rare and very important work that proves the terrible genocide perpetrated against genuine Jews.

Mr. Oktar constantly reiterates his love and affection for worthy Jews, descended from the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), in his works and interviews. He set these views out in an interview for Der Spiegel magazine on 14 September, 2008:

ADNAN OKTAR: The book, The Holocaust Lie, is by one of my friends, Nuri Ozbudak. It is not one of my books. He published his own essays under that title. Later we protested against this through the Public Notary and declared the fact to the public. This was the subject of a protest. I did not take any other legal action, but only protested through the Public Notary. I sent the protest from the Public Notary Office because he used my name but published it under his own name. My book expressing my own ideas was published later.

INTERVIEWER: So you never denied the Holocaust?

ADNAN OKTAR: The Nazis not only massacred Jews, but a great many other people as well. They committed a great mass murder. But they also mercilessly killed devout Jews. This is surely the atrocious work of Darwinist fascists. This is a fact. I have provided a detailed account of it [in my book The Holocaust Violence]. Jews are the descendents of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), they are the descendents of the prophets. They are valuable people. I love Jews very much. That is to say, the Prophets Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph and Solomon (peace be upon them all); they are all prophets and they all come from this particular line of descent. Accordingly those who attempt to annihilate the Jewish line of descent also annihilate that of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). It is unimaginable for a Muslim to remain silent in the face of an action intended to annihilate the line of descent of a prophet. He will surely take action. I have also taken a strong action in this regard; I emphatically reject the present pressure on the Jews, the attempts to annihilate them, the acts of all sorts intended to remove them from their country and oppose them.

11. The Groundless Nature of the Claims on Wikipedia Regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar's Views Concerning Zionism and the Jews:

The behavior advised to all Muslims in the Qur'an involves treating the People of the Book with love, respect, affection and compassion, protecting and watching over them and meeting their needs in the finest manner. As a Muslim who sincerely abides by the Qur'an, Mr. Oktar feels the love toward Christians and Jews that is commanded in the Qur'an, watches over and protects them, wants them to live by their faiths in peace and security and strives for that end. Indeed, he frequently expresses this in his writings and interviews. This can clearly be seen from the way that the Sanhedrin rabbis and Israeli government officials he recently hosted described the feelings of friendship and closeness they received from Mr. Oktar.

You can access all the articles and interviews on this subject from the Union Of Faiths.com web site.

You can watch Mr. Oktar's meetings with Sanhedrin rabbis and other Israeli officials here, here and here.

The logic and intellectual system that Mr. Oktar has been criticizing for years is that of the atheist Zionists. It is of course unthinkable to ascribe this mindset to truly devout Jews.

There are two varieties of Zionism today. The first of these is the Zionist conception of the devout Jewish people, who wish to live in peace and security in Israel alongside Muslims, seeking peace and wishing to worship in the lands of their forefathers and engage in business. In that sense, Muslims support Zionism. We would fully back the devout Jewish people living in peace and security in their own lands, remembering Allah, worshipping in their synagogues and engaging in science and trade in their own land.

The Zionist belief held by a devout Jew and based on the Torah does not in any way conflict with the Qur'an. The Jews' living in that region is indicated in the Qur'an, in which it is revealed that Allah has settled the Children of Israel on it:

Remember when Moses said to his people, "My people! Remember Allah's blessing to you when He appointed prophets among you and appointed kings for you, and gave you what He had not given to anyone else in all the worlds! My people! Enter the Holy Land which Allah has ordained for you. Do not turn back in your tracks and so become transformed into losers." (Surat al-Ma'ida: 20-21)

It is the "irreligious, Godless Zionism" that we as Muslims condemn and regard as a threat. These Godless Zionists, who do not defend the existence and oneness of Allah, but, on the contrary, encourage a Darwinist, materialist perspective and thus engage in irreligious propaganda, are also a threat to devout Jews. Godless Zionism is today engaged in a struggle against peace, security and moral virtue, and constantly produces strife and turmoil and the shedding of blood.

One of the hundreds of statements by Mr. Oktar regarding the need to watch over and protect devout Jews reads:

ADNAN OKTAR: We should earnestly take care of devout Jews in Israel, just like we watch over Palestine most efficaciously. They are entirely ours, some of them are children of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh), and others are children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh). Some of them are descendants of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh), some are descendants of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh). They are the lineage of the prophets. The entire nation and breed comes from the prophets and they are very devout and pure people. There are atheist Zionists and atheist masons who are troubling them. There is a group that aims to break them and make them destroy one another. We need to pull them aside, to withdraw this evil clan and let our devout and pure brothers of prophet lineage live in happiness there. One-sided politics is wrong, that would not conform to justice or conscience. It would not be reasonable as well. And we cannot ignore such glory because Jews are very devout and dignified people. We must definitely protect and safeguard them, but at the same time we must free the Palestinians from these troubles as our brothers.

Mr. Oktar said the following in one of his recent statements:

ADNAN OKTAR: The pronouncement of the Qur'an regarding the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] is crystal clear, and is also clear from the Sunnah of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). The people of the Book are our La Ilaha IllaAllah (there is no deity but Allah) brothers; Armenians, Jews, the Orthodox, Protestants and the whole Christian world are all our brothers. We all believe in the same Allah. There is the same belief in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic worlds. We are all the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). Members of all three faiths share the same basic beliefs, and the existence of the People of the Book is therefore a great blessing. Islam is not solely based on the peace and comfort of Muslims. The Qur'an says that the People of the Book also exist. And according to the Qur'an, the People of the Book must also live in peace and comfort and be protected by Muslims. It is an excellent thing to live as brothers and talk and converse with the People of the Book. According to the Qur'an, one may marry members of the People of the Book, eat their food and enjoy business and social relationships with them. Islam demands that the People of the Book be shown affection and respect. This is a religious obligation for Muslims. Allah says in one verse:

Today all good things have been made lawful for you. And the food of those given the Book is also lawful for you and your food is lawful for them. So are chaste women from among the believers and chaste women of those given the Book before you, once you have given them their dowries in marriage, not in fornication or taking them as secret intrigues. But as for anyone who rejects faith, his actions will come to nothing and in the Hereafter he will be among the losers. (Surat al-Ma'ida, 5)

You can access our article on the subject from here.

You can read the verses of the Qur'an regarding treating the People of the Book with love and affection here.

12. Responses to the Claims Regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar's Offer to Give 10 Trillion Turkish Lira to Anyone Producing a Single Transitional Fossil:

This challenge to Darwinists from Mr. Oktar has been around for a long time. But although this call has been issued to Darwinists across the world many times over, not a single Darwinist scientist has ever come forward with a single transitional form fossil. The claim made by P. Z. Myers, a Darwinist biologist distressed by Mr. Oktar's activities in general and his Atlas of Creation that demolished evolution in particular, to the effect that such fossils are to be found in the Smithsonian Museum and the American Museum of Natural History, the largest Darwinist museums in the world, is an utterly feeble one. That is because various members of the BAV community have visited the museums in question and asked museum officials to be shown a transitional form fossil. The officials put them off, answering that THERE WERE NO TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS IN THE MAIN DISPLAY but that they were kept in the storage rooms down below. The members of the BAV community then asked to be shown the transitional fossils in the storage sections, at which the officials said THE STORAGE AREA WAS LOCKED AND SO THEY COULD NOT SHOW THEM THE TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS.

The ruse being played here is a facile one that would not even deceive a child. The real reason why the officials were unable to show any transitional fossils is that NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSIL EXISTS IN REALITY. The number of fossils unearthed to date has now reached 300 million, and the fact that not one of these fossils is a transitional form terrifies Darwinists. All these 300 million fossils belong to perfect and fully formed beings, with an extraordinary symmetry. There is no doubt that P. Z. Myers and all Darwinists who maintain that hundreds of transitional forms exist are well aware of the deadly blow the fossil record had dealt to Darwinism. Since standing up and confessing this terrifies them, and since they cannot admit their desperate position, the only thing they can do is to try and retrieve the situation with deceptive but ultimately empty counter attacks. But it is no longer possible for them to do this in the 21st century, in which the collapse of Darwinism is announced.

13. The True Facts Regarding Statements Intended to Raise Suspicions about BAV Members' Sources of Income:

For years now, press organs have been publishing reports about Mr. Oktar and members of the BAV asking "where does the money they make come from?" The Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), affiliated to the Turkish Finance Ministry, has carried out detailed investigations into all the defendants in the BAV case, which has been going on since 2000, including Mr. Oktar. All the defendants' work places, bank accounts and financial records were examined individually. THREE SEPARATE OFFICIAL REPORTS issued by MASAK, OFFICIAL STATE REPORTS, DEFINITIVELY REFUTED the illegal earnings allegation. (Below are shown MASAK Report No. GKR.2000.22.173/Mut-2 dated 27 July, 2000, MASAK Report No. GKR.2000-22/11 dated 21 December, 2000, and MASAK Report No. GKR.2001-22-173/ Mut-1 dated 16 July, 2001.)

THERE IS NO QUESTION OF ANY ILLICIT EARNINGS. Mr. Oktar and the BAV members are people who fear Allah, guard the rights of the orphans and MAKE ONLY LAWFUL EARNINGS. Although it has been shown right at the beginning of the BAV case through OFFICIAL REPORTS SUBMITTED TO THE COURT that these claims made are all false, these biased reports based on no concrete evidence whatsoever still appear in newspapers, on the television and on the internet as part of the psychological warfare campaign against Mr. Oktar. However, the tens of thousands of people who read his works with great enjoyment attach no credence to these claims. Mr. Oktar is engaged in his valuable works with no expectation of material reward, solely for the good pleasure of Allah and for love of the motherland and the nation. It will be appreciated that the fact someone is engaged in such effective activity expecting no material reward documents how the claims in question are all utterly false allegations.



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